Diego Tronca is a neurodiverse author, who has been a veterinarian, a professional musician, and a translator. After leaving his hometown Milan, Italy, he lived on a forested island on the West coast of Canada and in a coastal town on the East coast of Ireland. He now shares his life with his wife and two kids in Biarritz, France, where he is planning to spend the rest of his life writing books.
His first book—a fun book in Italian about Ireland and the Irish—was published by the Italian publisher Sonda in 2006; this accomplishment resulted in one radio interview, a few appearances at book festivals, and several good dinners with very interesting people. In 2018, his short horror story “The Raffle”—in English—was selected to be included in a collection entitled Horror without Borders, published by Horrorscope Press in 2019.

Diego has just finished writing his first dark novel The Plague of Whispers.